As many of you know, we had been planning to release my next full album The Storm this Summer. However, as occasionally happens in the recording world – due to a number of marketing and studio reasons, we have decided to delay the release of “The Storm” to early 2016.

D Britton AmrGlory CVRBut fear not!  We had also been working on a collection of fantastic patriotic songs, and have decided to fast-track the release of those songs on an EP called American Glory, which will be available on iTunes on June 30th, in time for the Independence Day weekend.

I am very excited about American Glory, which will feature four songs, including a stirring cover of the Lee Greenwood classic, “God Bless the USA,” the beloved “America the Beautiful,” an original tribute to our men and women in uniform called “The Warrior,” – (which we have done live, and have had many requests to record…now we have!), and a grandly orchestrated version of the National Anthem. We are also including a special bonus track – a dramatic, a cappella version of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

We will keep everyone posted when the links are available for purchase!!

ENJOY #AmericanGlory and yes…#TheStormIsComing (just later)